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  Shipping agent船只署理
  Handling Agent操作署理
  Booking Agent订舱署理
  Cargo Canvassing揽货
  FFF:Freight Forwarding Fee货代佣钱
  Booking Note订舱单
  Booking Number订舱号
  Dock Receipt场站收据
  M/F(Manifest):a manifest that lists only cargo,without freight and charges舱单牙膏包税进口
  Cable/Telex Release电放
  A Circular Letter布告信/通知书
  PIC:Person in Charge具体担任操作人员
  The said party所涉及的一方
  On Board B/L:On Board提单A B/L in which a carrier acknowledges that goods have been placed on board a certain vessel。Used to satisfy the requirements of a L/C
  BP Base Port基本港
  Prompt release即时放行
  Transit time航程时刻/中转时刻
  Cargo availability at destination in货品运抵目的地
  Second Carrier(第)二程船
  In transit中转
  Transportation hub中转港
  Trucking Company车队(汽车运送公司)牙膏包税进口
  Axle load轴负荷
  Toll Gate收费口
  Bonded Area保税区
  Bonded Goods(Goods in Bond)保税货品
  Bonded Warehouse保税库
  Caged stored at bonded warehouse进入海关监管
  Fork Lift叉车
  Loading Platform装卸平台
  A Friday(Tuesday/Thursday)sailing周五班
  A fortnight sailing双周班
  A bi-weekly sailing周双班
  A monthly sailing每月班
  On-schedule arrival/departure准班抵离
  ETA:Estimated(Expected)Time of Arrival估计到达时刻
  ETB:Estimated(Expected)Time of Berthing估计靠泊时刻牙膏包税进口
  ETD Estimated(Expected)Time of Departure估计离泊时刻
  The sailing Schedule/Vessels are subject to change without prior notice。船期/船只如有改变将不作事先通知
  Closing Date:截止申报时刻
  Cut-off time:截关日
  Ocean Freight海运费
  Sea Freight海运费
  Freight Rate海运价
  Dead Freight空舱费
  Dead Space:Space in a car,truck,vessel,etc.,that is not utilized亏舱
  Surcharge/Additional Charge附加费
  Charges that are below a just and reasonable level低于正当合理的收费
  Market Price Level商场价水平
  Special Rate特价
  Rock Bottom Price最低底价
  Best Obtainable Price商场最好价
  CC Freight to Collect到付运费
  Freight Payable At Destination到付运费
  Back Freight退货运费
  Fixed Price固定价格
  Drayage charge:made for local hauling by dray or truck拖运费
  GRI:General Rate Increase运价上调
  SGRI:Second General Rate Increase第2次运价上调牙膏包税进口
  GRD:General Rate Decrease运价下调
  TGRD:Temporary General Rate Decrease暂时运价下调
  PSS:Peak Season Surcharge旺季附加费
  Wharfage:A charge assessed by a pier against freight handled over the pier码头附加费
  THC:Terminal Handling Charge码头操作附加费
  ORC:Origin Receiving Charge始发接单费
  CUC:Chassis Usage Charge拖车运费
  IAC:Inter-modal Administrative Charge(U.S.Inland Surcharge)内陆运送附加费
  DDC:Destination Delivery Charge(目的地卸货费)
  OAC:Origin Accessory Charge始发港杂费
  MAF:Manifest Amendment Fee舱单改单费
  For prompt shipment当即出运
  Cargo Supplier(供)货方
  Upcoming Shipment下一载货
  Same Assignment同一批货
  Nomination Cargo指定(指派)货
  Indicated/Nominated Cargo指装货
  Shipments under B/L No。XXX XXX提单货
  Cargo Volume货量
  Freight Volume货量
  Reefer Cargo冷冻货
  High-value Cargo(goods)高价货
  Miss Description虚报货名
  Agreement Rate协议运价
  D&H dangerous and hazardous危险品
  S/O Shipping Order托(运)单
  B/L Bill of Lading提单
  B/L Copy提单副本
  OBL Ocean Bill of Lading海运提单
  HBL House Bill of Lading无船承运人提单
  TBL Through Bill of Lading全程提单
  Advanced BL Advanced Bill of lading预借提单
  Anti-Dated BL Anti-dated Bill of Lading倒签提单
  Blank BL Blank Bill of Lading空白提单
  ‘To Order’B/L指示提单
  Combined Bill并单(提单)
  Separate Bill拆单(提单)
  Straight B/L:A non-negotiable B/L。the Pomerene Act governs its operation in the US。记名提单
  On Board B/L:A B/L in which a carrier acknowledges that goods have been placed on board a certain vessel。Used to satisfy the requirements of a L/C=On Board提单
  Shipped B/L:A B/L issued only after the goods have actually been shipped on board the vessel,as distinguished from the received for Shipments B/L已出运的货品提单(On Board B/L;Shipped B/L已装船提单)
  Received for Shipment B/L备运提单
  Transhipment B/L转船提单
  Through B/L联运提单
  Arrival Notice到货通知书:An advice that the carrier sends to the consignee advising of goods coming forward for delivery.Pertinent information such as BL No.,container No.and total charge due from consignee,etc,are included and sent to consignee prior to vessel arrival.This is done gratuitously by the carrier to ensure smooth delivery but there is no obligation by the carrier to do so.The responsibility to monitor the transit and present himself to take timely delivery still rests with the consignee.
  M/F:Manifest document that lists in detail all the Bs/L issued by a vessel or its agent or master,ie,a detailed summary of the total cargo舱单
  Batch Filing批量报备
  Manifest Discrepancy舱单数据不符
  Acknowledgement of Manifest Receipt收到舱单回执
  Packing List装箱单
  Cargo Receipt承运货品收据
  D/R Dock Receipt场站收据
  D/O Delivery Order交货单(小提单)
  Shipper’s Export Declaration货主出口申报单
  Shipping Advice装运通知(似舱单NVOCC用)
  Manifest information舱单信息
  FCN Freight Correction Notice舱单更改单(通知)
  Surrender O B/L copies for consignment交回提单副本
  Release Note receipt signed by customer acknowledging delivery of goods货品收讫单牙膏包税进口
  (九)Inspection-related Terms查验相关术语
  Customs Inspection海关查验
  Commodity Inspection商品查验
  Tally Report理货报告
  Animal/Plant Inspection动植物查验
  INSP Inspection/Inspector查验/查验员
  Certificate of Origin(normally issued or signed by a Chamber of
  Commerce or Embassy)(始发地)原产地证书
  ACH:Automated Clearing House(part of ACS)主动清关
  AMS:Automated Manifest System(for anti-terrorism)主动舱单(反恐)申报体系
  CSS:Cargo Selectivity System货品抽验
  CHB:Customs House Broker报关行
  SED:(EX-DEC)Shipper’s Export Declaration货主出口报关单
  QUOTAs Quantity of one HTS item allowed to be imported at either higher or lower rate of duties.进口配额牙膏包税进口
  DDP:Delivery Duty Paid完税
  DDU:Delivery Duty Unpaid未完税
  DRAWBACK:Duties payment refunded because freight is re-exported or for similar circumstances退税金额
  Customs fine海关罚款
  Customs seals海关关封
  Application for inspection查验请求
  To expedite the clearance加快清关
  To be liable for a penalty of遭到。。。处分
  Non-fraudulent violation of the regulation非故意违反规则
  To file certifications with Customs向海关申报有效证明
  To follow the current procedure遵从现行程序
  To abide by。。。rule遵循。。。规则
  To provide specific language供给一定说法
  To be not authorized不予认可
  COC Carrier’s Own Container(CARRIER OWNED CTN)船东自有箱
  Container Cleaning洗箱
  VEN Ventilated通风
  FRZ Frozen冰冻
  HTD Heated加热
  I.D.Inside Dimension箱内尺码
  Inside Measurement箱内尺码
  TW(TARE WEIGHT)The weight of an empty container箱子皮重
  Container Leasing Co。租箱公司
  Equipment Exchange(Interchange)Receipt设备交接单
  Container Leasing long-term/short-term lease集装箱租赁长期/短期
  Leasing Company租箱公司
  premises for longer period than provided in Tariff空箱滞箱费
  Demurrage重箱滞箱费 来源:牙膏包税进口

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